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God's Way to Financial Freedom
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​In this book, God’s Way to Financial Freedom, you will learn what our roles and responsibliites are as Americans and a financial education that is not taught by the mainstream financial advice. This knowledge will lead to life-changing steps that will help you walk into the destiny of financial freedom God has prepared for you.

The Foreword, Introduction and Chapter 1 of the book is available to download read and share.

Bryan Bloom is a 35 plus year CPA who wrote the Forward to this book and Joe Myers was extremely grateful for his knowledge and insight.

Bryan permitted Joe to write this synopsis, Ways To Protect Your Money in 2023 And Beyond of his must read book, Confessions of a CPA: The Capital Equivalent Value of Life Insurance.

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The following insights are from Bryan's book:

  • What we are taught as truth, should be true.

  • We should question and test what is taught until we know it is true.

  • We should challenge mainstream financial advice and stop following each other off the financial cliff. Wealth distribution is more important than wealth accumulation.

  • When we trade our time for someone else’s dollar that is “earned income” and fair for The Administration to tax.  We should pay taxes only once on the money we earn.

  • “Unearned income” should be off the radar of the IRS. What our money earns should never be taxed.

  • Payments into the Social Security Administration have been taxed once as “earned income”.  What we receive from Social Security should not be taxed because it is “unearned income”.

  • People are unknowingly transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars of their wealth to financial institutions and the government. Those transfers can be recaptured, and strategically redeployed, shifting those financial gains back to you.


Visit the Trust, The StrategyCall To Action and Hidden Fees 401(k) / 403(b) pages to apply those insights to your household or business strategy.



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