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Our "onFIRE" Community


Be apart of the community that puts you on the path to

Financially Independent Retiring Easy. 

$martLife Programs has helped individuals, families, and businesses all over the country. 



We help provide knowledge, guidance and our $martLife Program Coaching model to households and businesses, like you. As financial coaches, we will help you break free from the debt cycle, accumulate wealth, and provide tax-free guaranteed retirement. 

Once you have Pledged your Participation in the $martLife Program you become a part of our  "onFIRE"   community. This community is built by like-minded individuals that want to pay off all their debt and achieve financial independence. Together we want to retire easy and leave a legacy for our families. To build a better tomorrow we have to take action today. What are you doing to ensure your family or business will survive another downturn?

Tivaldi LLC is pioneering the concept of providing holistic Financial Services focused on an ongoing coaching relationship; creating a legacy, providing protection, and building savings through a system of dividend-paying whole life insurance policies, with cash values and separate investment vehicles. This core philosophy resonates with Main Street America. It allows them to have protection and use savings to accelerate debt paydown to become debt-free and enjoy a tax-free retirement.

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