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Meet Joe Myers

Co-Founder and Financial Coach

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My name is Joe Myers, and my mission is to help you, your family, and your business accomplish what I was able to do. 


I was born and raised near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I married in 1985 at the age of 23 to my wife Sherry, and we have 2 daughters, 3 granddaughters, and 1 grandson.


I started working at the age of 14 and then went to work in a steel mill in 1984. While working there, I also was very entrepreneurial and had businesses on the side.


I grew up in an average-income home and often would wonder why some people were wealthier than others. When I was about 22 years old, I had a conversation with a man probably 30 plus years older than me at the time. During our conversation, somehow, the Federal Reserve came up, and the man asked me if I knew it was not a government agency, and at that time, I did not. He handed me a cassette tape and said, go home and listen to the presentation. The presentation was given by G. Edward Griffin, who later wrote the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” and the presentation changed forever the way I looked at finances and the economy. 


While I thought differently and knew the problem, I never knew a solution until I met my late mentor, Nelson Nash, about a decade ago. Mr. Griffin explained how the Federal Reserve caused the economy's crashes when using fractional reserve banking, which is another way of saying banks were COUNTERFEITING. He did not have an immediate solution that each individual could use to minimize inflation in the economy, as Mr. Nash did.


Mr. Nash developed a concept called the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) that minimizes inflation in the economy while helping households and businesses have the ability to profit from their own debt.


Mr. Nash improved my family and future generations' financial future by teaching me how to implement the IBC, and that is why I teach the concept to anyone willing to learn.

Mobile: 904.254.6472

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