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"You can lead a person to KNOWLEDGE but you can't make them THINK"

-Nelson Nash

About Us


$martLife Programs is a process, not a product.


$martLife Programs educates and provides the how, through our

 4D Process, Main Street America can become debt-free. Thereafter, through stewardship, we create wealth buildup and a secure guaranteed tax-free retirement for households and businesses. 

The 4D $martLife Process 

What you can expect from the $martLife Programs

 01  Discover

We perform the complimentary $martLife Review to truly DISCOVER a real financial needs analysis; this is a holistic review. We cover discovering fears, wants, needs and objectives. Learning just how "in the dark" you are about finances, estate and legacy planning. We explore what your current income, savings and debt ratios are. Sometimes mediating between families and helping them communicate with each other more effectively. 




 02  Develop

We will DEVELOP a plan with you side-by-side. We will include future financial coaching sessions and education sessions to ensure the highest level of understanding. 




 03  Design

We DESIGN a complimentary, confidential and customized Know Your Numbers™ Review. This step gives detailed options, methods and milestones for measuring and achieving a client's personal goals, addressing their concerns and delivering them into a place of Financial Independence and Retiring Easy. 



 04  Decide
You now DECIDE if a SMARTLIFE is for you. You will become a client for life as we coach and partner with you for the duration of your life. We keep you focused on the big picture. $martLife Programs ensures the plan is followed, reviewed and updated regularly, particularly if there has been a major life event. We provide a plan, that delivers a disciplined approach to your self-determined end goal. We encourage our clients to be decisive, to make decisions and follow through with them. 



It could cost you as much as $1 Million Legacy
for your family OR MORE; if you don't.

$martLife Programs guides you to become your own banker. It is a concept that has been around for a long time but not known by many. You can learn more about how we help households and businesses through a holistic approach to financial independence through the words of our mentor Nelson Nash

As Nelson would say, people spend more time planning a vacation than planning for their financial future

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