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The Strategy

Tivaldi Co-founder, Joe Myers, was blessed to be mentored by the late Nelson Nash. The teachings of Mr. Nash is what Tivaldi was founded on.  

This page and the following video is a Tribute to Mr. Nash.

Mr. Nash really understood economics and how NOT to be a slave to the lender.

The strategy that Mr. Nash developed is called the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC).

This artcle The Sad Story of Joe Robbie's HEIRS provides insight into what happens when your estate is illiquid causing an estate tax issue that could destroy or have a serious negative impact on your legacy as it did for Mr. Robbie's HEIRS. IBC could have solved that disaster if Mr. Robbie would have had advisors that understood estate and legacy planning. 

Mr. Nash was gracious enough to present the Unseen of IBC webinar that teaches an education on econmics that you will never hear taught from the mainstream financial advice. He will share with you exactly how he created income TAX-FREE generational wealth and how you can too. 

Joe was given special permission to use this webinar in a secure way to teach others.

If you would like to watch the webinar please provide your name and email in the LEARN MORE section below for access to the webinar. 


When the video opens up you can make the video full screen by clicking on the bottom right of the video on a desktop or laptop and click the upper left of the video on a mobile device.


If you close the window before finishing the webinar you will have to enter your contact information again to finish watching the webinar.

If you would like to discuss your financial future please contact us below.

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